Monday, May 27, 2013

Popsiclestick chain reaction

Ok, here´s what Tim and I do after the kids go to bed:

Pretty cool, huh?
We found this on pinterest and loved it, so I ordered some posicle sticks on amazon - not popsicle sticks, actually, but those tongue-press thingies doctors use, because they are more bendable. A pack of 100 costs 2 Euros, for this we took 200.

I´m taking them to kindergarten now, and to school, where Eva has just learned about the law of conservation in physics, and I plan to do it with the kids in my school, too.

If you´d like to do it, too, there are many instructions on youtube, and different patterns, too. We found the cobra pattern to jump best, but it´s relatively hard to weave - not complicated, but of course you need some physical strenght to get the sticks together - and it´s really easy to explode before you´re finished - that´s why we had all the books lying around: We used them as stoppers. Mehmet and Miro didn´t get it, but Ronja likes a more simple pattern, this one.

So... go ahead and amaze your kids or the mommy girls you meet for drinking coffee on Friday mornings... you can do magic!

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Anonymous said...

It is really cool! You'are having fun when kids in beds!Oh Oh I need to try this. I let you know! xxx