Sunday, February 3, 2013


So, we finally had Eva´s birthday party yesterday:
It was, even though the picture might not show it, a nice and sweet and quiet party, and I wish all birthday partys were this smooth and cuddly.

We made bags:
... so the girls spent quite a lot of time cutting fabric, ironing it and sewing it. For all of them it was the first time in a life using a sewing machine, and, what I found even more fascinating, for most of them it was also the first time ironing.

We also made those little books you see in the pic above - somewhere on this blog I must even have a tutorial on how to make them, just right now, I can´t find it.
However, the supercool decoration came from my best friend, who supported me with her shillouette plotter.

Also, we had the tattoo-guy over, who inked all the kids:
 He´s a guy we usually book for our library events who does airbrush tattoos as a side job. When he´s doing his tattoos, he has an attitude as if he was a professional tattoo-artist, very serious, and when you hear him talk to the kids, it just makes you smile. He´s kinda cute, in his way, and the kids adore him, because he´s a kid like themselves.

And we had a buffet:
So, it was quite lovely. Sewing, listening to silent Taylor Swift songs playing in the background, talking to those beautiful, intellectual ladies, who are Eva´s friend.
In fact, two of them, after they had finished sewing their bags, actually asked whether they were allowed to do some more housework. Ronja, mockingly, told them they could go clean her room...
...which they then, honestly, did. And the seemed to enjoy it.

I think I´ll be back tomorrow, showing you the really cool thing we did on Mehmet and Miro´s birthday morning last week. Yup, it was their birthday, too. I have a reason to blog so little these days ;)

Acutally, I´m listening to "Littlething" by Jimmy eat world all day long today, but there´s no proper version of it on youtube, so I´m posting this song, which I had a short affair with last week. And it is, indeed, sweet. Tyler Ward always guarantees quality :)

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