Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thank you!

Dear Pinja, Hana and Anonymous,
Thank you very much for your help! I also asked some fellow couchsurfers for help, and my friend who´s married to a guy from Italy, and now I´ve finished a nice scene in which my favourite protagonist drunkenly rambles about why he´s got every right to be drunk. It´s educated, charming rambling, and I love that scene, and that´s cool.

However, I really wanted to show you some pictures of all the cool crafts I did last week - I have a cold, so I didn´t go to the gym to work out, and that gave me plenty of time to sew, paint, fold and also write - but I forgot my camera at Tim´s parent´s house, because I tend to forget things.

So, at least I can show you some pics of our iceskating last week, because I put those on my hard drive allready: 
We´ve found this really, really cool icesckating hall in Cologne - it´s got two levels, one upper level, with a long round trail to run, and one lower level, which is divided into another field for iceskating:

The two areas are connected by an elevator, and since Ronnie and I just had our hair colored a couple of days before, we really enjoyed admiring our new bluehaired selves in the mirror:

Eva and her friend weren´t too fond of iceskating, but the did love chatting in the locker area, pretending to be teenagers and dancing Gangnam-Style on iceskates:

Other than iceskating, I really loved two things loast week:
The book "The fault in our stars" by John Green, which I first read myself, and then translated to my daughters, and the new album "Opposites" by Biffy Clyro - I´m constantly listening to it, and with every song, I keep thinking "This one´s the best - no, this one´s really the best!"
Currently I think I´ve settled on liking this song the most:

So, I hope to lay my hands on my camera again soon, see you then!

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