Friday, June 1, 2012

Doing the cool things: Sliding water.

So, are your eggs nicely soaking in vinegar? Are we ready for the next cool summer action? Allright! :)
Let´s go downstairs, to the corner where your husband stores all the old boards to keep for future use. This is the future, ladies :)

Grab a nice, big board. A hammer and some nails. If you´re not lazy, like us, you can also paint your board - I recommend waterproof paint, of course.
Then, send your kids to find some plastic bottles. We store ours in the recycling corner in the kitchen.
Get some scissors, and cut them, like so:
The top of the bottle makes a really cool funnel, and if you fix it with only one nail, you can still flip it to adjust whether it shall catch the water or not. The lower part makes, of course, an excellent slide. We used two nails for each bottle, and of course, the gentlemen hammered themselves!

We also used one of those little plastic baskets they sell tomatoes in-they have holes in the bottom, which lead to a nice rain!

I had been repairing our shower that day, so I had still had the hose left, which I gave them, as well:
 Can it work that way? Don´t think so!

 Ah! That´s better!

So - we had lots of fun trying to figure out where we wanted our water to go, where to hammer the next bottle, and playing with our brand new water structure. Building the whole thing took, everything involved, around an hour, and my kids all like it a lot, even Eva does. Heck, even Tim does. Everyone likes water, right?

This was my second "Doing the cool things" post - stay tuned for the next one, which you´ll get tomorrow!


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creativejewishmom/sara said...

Great project! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!