Saturday, June 2, 2012

Doing the cool things III: Soap.

If you stuck around here for any lenght of time, you know that we all have a thing for making soap, and it was about time we did it again.
We don´t dare working with actual lye, yet, so we get soap base from the craft store - huge packages, usually, because our sessions tend to look like this:

Yeah, get the neighbourhood kids over, and enjoy how beautiful your house will smell after a day with busy children.

My kids can spend hours on this, and they get pretty creative. This time, we tried to include :
Foodcoloring (of course), essential oils - rose, lavender and vanilla - tea, coconut powder, freshly picked leaves and petals, and glitter. But before, we also used sand, shells, pebbles, pieces of plastic nets, laminated photos or little toys. Everything goes :)

For moulds - we have collected quite a bunch of them over the years - icecubemoulds, actual soap molds from the craft store, wrapping of chocolate, cheesy molds from the dollar store, the lids of bottles.

This time we also tried cupcake liners and an old cream container.
 The soap we made in the cupcake liners smells nicely like coconut, and it has a very soft and fluffy feel to it.
The tea soap: I like how the tea also changed the color, and it smells beautifull, too. I´m gonna cut off the parts where most of the tea collected, though, cut the block into little squares and wrap them - like tea bags.

With our soap, it´s not so much about actually creating something you can use afterwards. Well, you can, of course.
But it might happen that our soap includes so much glitter it isn´t really sufficiant for washing anymore. Or so much foodcoloring it might stain your hands. But that´s not what this is about.

This is about smelling... and cutting... and having busy hands...

...imagining a finished product... and melting substances... and being proud.

That´s what makes it one of our cool projects.

So - this was number 3 of the Cool Things series! Come back tomorrow, and check out the 4rth part!


Oh, Alanis.

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Creatrish said...

perfect post made for me lol! Coconut Cupcake soap! So so good so so jealous! Alanis j'adooore!