Sunday, May 13, 2012


Yesterday, we had my sons´ kindergarten springfest, and I had volunteered to offer an activity.
Activites in kindergarten may never cost more than a few cents, have to be simple, completely undangerous and preferably, kids should be able to do something with what they made. To actually use their crafts.
So we came up with this:

I got wooden dowels in the craft store - one meter costs 50 cents, and I cut them into 25cm pieces.
Then got out my acrylic paint, and glitter, and some tape, but that´s optional, and made nice, colorfull sticks.

Our kindergardener and I raided our old craft supply boxes, and found lots of old ribbons. The only important thing is that you don´t take one of those ribbons that have wire in the edges (I think those are used for floral crafts), but only ribbons that will flow nicely.I attached them with a hot glue gun, but I think you could use a small nail, as well, or just tie a proper knot.

And then...

You can dance through the kitchen.

Like this.
Be sure to wear a skirt while doing so. Nah, I don´t care if you´re a guy.

So, yesterday morning, I spent three hours sitting in a little cabinet,
...helping smear paint and handling the glue gun. I didn´t get much else to see from the kindergarten fest.


I took all my many, many kids out into a spare room, where we "invented" a choreography together, to Edvard Grieg´s Morning Mood from the Peer Gint Suit.

I told them about all the little seeds, that sleep in the ground, before the sun and the rain wake them up, and we tried to dance that.
Oh, my husband knows how to take lovely pictures of me... never hand him the camera again...

On Friday night, I went to see Lisa Hannigan. Here she is:

She was quite lovely, as was to be expected - she is an awesome musician, and her voice sounds exactly as it does on the album - maybe a little more hoarse, after some touring, but that makes her sound even hotter.
Still, this concert was very, very quiet. It was a small venue, and nobody sang along, and nobody danced, you could literally hear people breathing and swallowing, and it was very... eerie.

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