Thursday, May 10, 2012


The last 48 hours, I spent with this baby:
The cover says it all, right?
I can´t always pretend to be highly educated.
But seriously, I love love love Cassandra Clare. Her characters are all very vivid and bright, sort of like a mixture of manga-steampunk folk, containing fairies and warlocks and witches and all sort of mythical creatures, and her plots consist, I´d say, of 40 % blood splattering demon slaying, 10 % depressed, suicidal teenager thoughts and 50 % making out. Making out is a very important part. Most of the time, all happening simultaiously. Can you see why I´d get a kick out of it?
And while reading it, you never even once wonder whether that would be a realistic scenery, or at least I don´t.
I only lie on my sofa, twist my hair into tiny curls with excitement, and get lost in Idris, while I neglect my kids, dinner, the house, the grocery shopping, the preparations for the upcoming kindergarten-party... yeah.
I finished it this morning, though, so I could pass it to my friend, and then, slowly, awake from my book-haze.
I love this feeling after a book, when you read so much you feel slightly dizzy, and it´s like opening your eyes, and the world looks so different - so unreal - shouldn´t there be at least some goodlooking gay warlocks with purple hair sitting in my kitchen?
Instead I find my kids used their free time to...
..."throw a party", as they call it. Basically, carrying all their furniture downstairs, raiding the icetea and decorating the table like this:
I love coming to parties attended by tiny armed policemen. And policemen with open heads... um...

Also, the girls spent the time designing a card game:
 On the cards, there are either various deseases, or remedies. They also made money. You pull a card, if you get a remedy, you´re lucky, if you get a desease, you can either hope to find a cure with your next turn, or spend some money on buying the cure. When you´ve got the wrong remedy, you might sell it, but not all remedies cost the same - a hospital stay is more expensive than sleep, naturally.
When you´ve got three deseases and no cure, you´re dead - game over.

I loved this so much I rode to the craft store and got them proper blank cards, to perfectionize it:

The boys weren´t lazy either, and taught themselves how to play the Star Wars theme:

All those Cello-Wars videos have to pay off, right? In fact, Miro figured it out, and told Mehmet to just push the G note, which he marked himself with a blue felttip circle, on the key. But that´s just fine. A piano is for playing. Mehmet´s not too interested, but Miro is really on a roll, so he just has to play along, obviously.

Ah, and I did a little preparing for the kindergarten-party. I´ll do some crafts, of course, and I´ll show you. On Saturday. As for now, I can give you a glimpse of what we´ll be doing:
So, now there´s music:

I woke up this morning with this song in my head. I mean, "I´m feeling sexy and free, like glitter´s raining on me"? What awesome lyrics are these? And I´ve adored Sam Tsui´s ability to harmonize with himself for quite a while. It doesn´t really show in this video, but his earlier videos, where he multiplies himself, really make my jaw drop. And he´s got a crystal clear voice that never hits a wrong note.. so I don´t care if the rest of my family says he looks strange. He sounds terrific.

Tomorrow I´ve got quite a full day, blowing up balloons, making cupcakes and fruit sticks, teaching my library group and going to see Lisa Hannigan in Cologne... so I might only see you Saturday. Or Sunday :)

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Creatrish said...

Bonjour, this book must be good as lots of people talking about it! I read occationnaly always pretending I dont have the time but i like to be bookdrunk! This card game is so clever, just took me back to my childhood when i used to do the same with my sister. Your twins are so clever!! bravo! xxxxx