Sunday, May 20, 2012

Canoeing... not for me. At least that´s what I got out of this weekend.
I gave my husband a canoe trip for his birthday, one month ago. And, in fact, I was really looking forward to it. I mean, I have a pathetic adoration for rivers, lakes, ponds - water of all sorts. I spend most of my weekends dangling my feet in water, and even if I´m not too crazy about swimming, I don´t mind getting wet.

Plus, I saw this canoe trip as as perfect opportunity to take pictures of my beloved, beautiful river Wupper.

Tim took this picture. Of our boat, with the instructor behind us. Since I was fully occupied steering the *%&?§!= boat.

I just didn´t get it. Yeah, I´m too dumb to paddle, I admit it.
It took me about 20 minutes to realize that I wouldn´t be able to just sit in my boat and peacefully glide along the river, but that I had to concentrate all my physical and mental strength on keeping pace with the group, plus taking care not to steer us into trees/stones/families of ducklings, plus keeping my kids from sabotizing this by random paddling.

Ah, it was really annoying, and I spend a great deal of the trip swearing. Poor Eva and Mehmet, who had to share the boat with me:

After the break, Eva actually took seat in a boat of another family, who still had a spare seat (yeah, she did), and Mehmet swapped seats with Miro - Mehmet could be in Tim´s boat, happy, and Miro - well, Miro just knows how to handle women.

He sat there, in the boat, calm and all smiles, stroking my hands, and telling me I was doing great and it´s okay everyone else is faster.
Sometimes, he´s a real gentleman, and I never thought I´d say this, since he´s one part of the calamity twin duo, after all, but it´s a real honour raising him.
I think he liked the boat on the playground better than sitting with me in a canoe, but he didn´t show.

Some things you have to try, to know they are not for you - like studying theology, which I found out wasn´t for me after doing an internship with a priest, or smoking pot. Or canoeing. All the same. I tried it, and I don´t like it.

But those two loved canoeing:
And I bet they´ll be doing it again. But... without me :)

Other than canoeing, I had a pretty great weekend, so I don´t want this post to be all moany and grumpy. We had a great guy over from the Netherlands, who came with a super cool bike, which he let all of us try:
He helped me fix some computer issues, and we took a long walk through our dark woods, and he introduced us to some new dutch authors we hadn´t heard of, and we had barbecue in the sunshine, together with Eva´s friend, too:
And I love eating outside with 8 people around one table - though, there would fit some more, and I´d love to have some more :) Oh, and by the way - the meat on the plate? That´s Miro´s plate. Mehmet is still having salad from our garden and wheat burgers - he´s now through his first month as a vegetarian, and he´s still doing it. 

And since it was so hot this weekend, we even went swimming:
So, all together, the weekend was awesome, and I even got some tan.

And now I´m closing this post with some music by the incredible Mr. A-Z:

I love it when I find another song I didn´t know yet, and it sounds like meeting an old friend, and then the chorus hits... ah, he´s such a versatile, interesting artist!

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