Thursday, April 19, 2012

Instant Hippie Pants

T´was fabric fair last Sunday :)
I had planned to sew some pants for Ronnie, real hippie pants, because she´s such a hippie, and I spent about an entire hour searching the market for the perfect fabric. Then a friend of mine showed me this one, and hell yeah, this is it!


I first had to finally finish those 50 little green bags I made for M&M´s kindergarten... I still had about 5 ones left to assemble, and I just couldn´t see green anymore - but I had to get them off my plate. So I did. Hallelujah! 

Off to cut my new fabric!
I caught Eva surprised, sorry, sweetie. Those pants? Basically, I took an old pair, folded my fabric in half, folded the pants in half and put them on the fabric, and cut around them. Plus a little seam-allowance. First for the back, then for the front. 

Zig-zag stitch around it to keep it from fringing, and assemble both legs (right side on right side you sew!), and then... I really should have photographed this... put one leg into the other (again, right sides facing each other), sew the crotch, unfold the whole thing, and voila...

...take your supermodel out for a photoshoot! Really, the whole sewing/cutting process took less time than choosing the fabric - probably around half an hour. 
I wish we´d had better weather. A photoshoot on a cloudy day is only half the fun. Do you see the bee she´s looking at? On the dandellion?
While I was taking pictures, she happily chatted in her high pitched voice, as she usually does... and stunned me by focusing my attention on the little orange dots you can see, close to the bees legs. She told me those are acarids. She also told me they won´t kill the bee, but make that she has less body fluid therefore less energy, and will therefore produce less honey. Really? My jaw dropped. I asked her where she got that from, and she said from a book in the library. 
Man... it´s not like I wouldn´t use the library... but usually I get fiction from it - not stuff about varroa acarids on bees... she´s eight years old! She definetely is from some other planet. 

On another note, Mehmet decided to become vegetarian this week. He came up with this all by himself, though, through his life, he often asked me about where the meat we ate came from, or whether tomatoes are animals, too (because they "bleed"), and he also knows some of our friends who are vegetarians. He likes to stress that he still likes meat (which is true, he never refused to eat it because of the taste), but he simply "loves animals". That´s how he puts it.
This doesn´t come from me!
I, myself, love meat. And often cook meat. This week, I made extra veggie specials for him every night, and he enjoyed it a lot. I don´t know how long he´ll stick with this. I also don´t know how long I´ll put up with the extra cooking. I don´t think I´d ever become a vegetarian, but if my son comes up with moral conclusions at the age of 5, I´ll sure go along with it. 

Put this together with Ronja´s coming out as a secret bee expert today... let´s wait and see how long it takes until Eva converts to buddhism and Miro outs himself as gay... just kidding :)

Love music today: 
The whole album, please, but this one´s a special. Did I mention Jason Mraz will be on tour this year? And so is Lisa Hannigan. And Christina Perri. Oh, and, of course... Tyler Ward :) What a lovely, lovely year!


nils said...

you must do something right! I love how she studies by herself and especially which topics she chooses...

Creatrish said...

j'adoooore le pantalon a fleurs! Soo talented! Kids can surprise us all the time, your little lady is so smart (like a mother lol)Have a nice weekend! xxxxx