Monday, March 12, 2012

Why... my sons ask the nice Ukrainian busker if he can play like Darth Vader?
And why have they started to ask me, daily, when they can start Cello lessons?
That´s why:

A Cello video I can watch with all male memebers of the family! Yay!
I´m not too convinced about the Cello lessons, though. Not that I wouldn´t be in favor for all sorts of instrumental lessons - it´s just that I´m not sure if they are old enough to understand what they´d be getting into. They are just babies, for the moment.

On another note... why does the weather still look like November, even though it´s supposed to be spring? It´s annoying. Well, we just pretended it was spring, anyway, and planted our carrots, salad, and sweet peas for the summer this weekend.
And tonight I´ll be going to another Tyler Ward concert. I´ve seen him live last November, and he gave a bright, fun, energetic performance that left you smiling for the rest of the week, so... I´m happy he likes Germany enough to apparently come here on a regular basis :)
And maybe tonight, I´ll even manage to a) get a proper place in line and b) take some nice pics. We´ll see, we´ll see :)

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Creatrish said...

Of course Why two young boys would like to play Cello???? if Star wars is involved in it soooo there is nothing to say really! It is cleverly done! Just to make you a little bit jealous, here the weather is beautiful (only start today) and it should be like that for the rest of the week!!!! But not doing any gardening cos we are moving to Lyon beginning of summer! Have a great time tonight! xxxxxx
PS: Just learned a new word in English "Cello" Merci