Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Night...

This is just a quick post, to wish you a sweet night, and to share this artist I just found - she´s norwegian, and like everything norwegian, she´s mindblowing and amazing. I´m so happy to surf for music again, to be free to roam while all my family is asleep, and I thoroughly enjoy having a hard time deciding which song to listen to first.
We went to a cave today. It was very lovely, and my sons were really excited and clung to the caveleader´s (caveman´s?) legs, deeply interested in stalaktites and stalakmites, which we now can all tell apart. I wasn´t allowed to take photos, though.
Tomorrow I´m selling old books on a fleamarket to raise money for new, better books, for our school library. I like books. And I like music.

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