Monday, March 19, 2012


This is the wall of our small bathroom. Nice, isn´t it?
 I´ve always wanted to paint a Union Jack on something, and last Friday, I figured I had red, blue and white paint at hand - from my previous wall painting projects - and the time to do it. It only took about an hour, though, and now looks a lot nicer than before.

Also, it serves as a subtle reminder to my husband, in case he should forget where I´d like to spend this year´s summer... ;)

So I thought I´d walk around the rooms and show you some more of our wall decorations... like this one:
 I rececntly painted some canvases with my sons, and we used an old newspaper to cover the table. On that paper, there was this special camel, and Miro liked it so much he wanted to keep it. He also wrote the caption himself, and I found the end result so lovely I put it on my newly painted blue kitchen wall.

The two smaller paintings they did, those went to the guest bath room. In case you were wondering, they show pirate islands, of course.
This is our couchsurfer wall. If you ever come and visit us, or we come and visit you, a picture of you will go there, and we also like to add stuff from our travels - there´s the package of pain meds I bought in Moscow, when my teeth were hurting, or tickets to museums, or a Paris metro ticket, of course,  Ukrainian chocolate wrappers and an orthodox icon. And yes, it´s completely cluttered. The phrase "to make a mess" was one of the first english phrases I learned from my english hostmother. As in "Try not to make such a mess, okay?"
I like to define it as art :)
Like this spot:
...where I store my old glass jars, and wall painting utensils, for future use. And recently hung up my autographed Tyler Ward poster and concert ticket :) And yes, that´s felt wool in that one jar. Pinterest project.
Wanna see more clutter - eh - art?
That´s the top of our piano, where I hung Ronja´s Hundertwasser artwork.

And the last one:
Two quotes on my new red kitchen wall - the one from Harry Potter has been on my wall for ages, and in fact I plan on getting it tattoed as soon as I aquire the money for a new tattoo. The other one changes from time to time. Right now it´s a "A cup of tea solves everything" - I found that kitchen appropriate, and I do like tea.
So, those are my walls.
Music for today:
Don´t laugh. I´m trying my best to be as cool as Eva. 

I know it sounds mediocre at best... but compared to one year ago, we are awesome.
And you know... when we play, it´s so much fun, we actually feel as if we were these guys:

So this is a combination of Eva´s favourite song - Taylor Swift´s love story - and my favourite song - Coldplay´s Viva la Vida. The point where the two songs merge always completely fills me with joy. It´s best played at full volume, with the windows open, fresh air streaming inside and all neighbours turning their heads as they pass.

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Creatrish said...

GO ONNN union jack in your bathroom this is style "proper deco" lol! Your house is very colourful with all these beautiful "pièces d'art"! That song was made for you and Eva, i m sure! Do you play the piano with Eva??? dommage we cant we see you! xxx