Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fun with my son

(do you note the singular of "son"? That´s rare!)

Today I went out with Miro. And just with Miro. And nobody else. 

Mehmet was sick today, he spent all day on the sofa, and I read stories to him and played boardgames or let him watch the Smurfs on youtube. And a great deal, he slept. 

That left Miro without his favourite partner, and me with cabin fever - today was the first day of spring here, T-shirt weather, and I happily wore my short skirt (along with my woolen hat, okay. But still!)

So, when he finally fell asleep, and Eva was back, I took little Miro out into the wild. 
And we loved it. I really enjoyed spending time with him.  

When you leave the trail, you come to a river crossing, that can be passed via a fallen tree:
Yep, I had fun trying out the panorama function of Ronni´s camera. Somehow, it´s not that impressive...

We had even more fun dangling our feet from that tree...
...and Miro was enthusiastic about his dirty hand - he had found an old branch that, at somepoint in it´s history, must habe been in a fire, hence it had turned into coal. We talked about that. And later, he smeared the black dirt all over his face, and mine, giggling.
Also, he highly enjoyed stipping into the mud. Of course he did. And he liked it even more when his rubber boots got stuck, and Ihad to pull him out and get his boots out of the mud, so he repeated that several times.
We tried throwing rocks and sticks into the water, to see what floated, and what sank. We saw trails of birds, and we played catch and run, and found one single, freezing bee at the beehouse. And Miro asked all sorts of cute questions, like, "Mom, air is always touching us, all the time, isn´t it? Mom, is the ground dead? Because we walk on it all the time, and sometimes even the cars drive over it. Mom, why do they have papa Smurf, but not uncle Smurf? Mom, will Nisrin marry me, if I catch her? Can she move in with us? And do you think she will marry me if I buy her Hello Kitty stuff? Because girls like that, I know they do. And can you build a viking boat with me?"
Oh, he´s so awesome. I just never realize that, when he always comes as a couple with his twin. I can get so much closer to him, and have such interesting conversations with him, when he´s not always running around with his brother. We really need to do this more often, and as soon as Mehmet´s back into the saddle again, I need to take him out, as well.
Because it´s spring. This week, it really, completely, in all aspects, is spring.

Giving you one nice, happy song:
Love, love, love it. Listened to it on repeat today, and yesterday, and the day before. I love to stomp my feet to it, and pretend to do a wild country dance to it, while Eva rolls her eyes, and I love to harmonize with it. I like lyrics that tell stories, or paint pictures, and this one, it paints such bright, vivid pictures. 

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