Sunday, January 22, 2012

Star Wars...

...I never understood what it´s all about.
The movies - it seems like I can never muster the concentration to follow the plot. If there is any. No matter how often my enthusiastic husband tries to bring me on that particular nerdwagon, my mind always goes wandering elsewhere. But they apperar to be very popular amongst little boys. Of all ages.
 when Darth Vader and a clone Trooper (yup, I educated myself on that subject...) enter my kitchen table, I quite love it.
Especially when they are this cute.
And cook for me, afterwards.
They are turning 5 today, those fun, giggly, loud, chaotic, dirty little guys. Miro, who loves to wear his dinosaur sweater as much as he loves his sisters skirts, and who asked me just this week to paint one wall of his room pink. Miro, who is amazing at everything to do with numbers, who hates puzzles and loves to listen to long, long stories, and who is a pro at cuddling.
 And Mehmet, his older brother by 8 minutes, who can be so reasonable and clever and charming, but still loves to throw fits, who is quite good at working with paint and reading and who rides his bike with a mindblowing enthusiasm, Mehmet, who enjoys everything male, like noise and fights and cars and dirt, who´d certainly not wear a dress. 

I often envy them for their closeness.
When they were born, one of the biggest storms of the last decade was raging outside, and I had been waiting for them for quite a while. Them being born was the smoothest delivery I ever had, and  I think I never felt a bigger relief than in that moment when I realized they were both there, and all three of us had made it just fine. It feels pretty unbeliavable to look at them now, and back then.
They were one day old on that pic. And just nicely fed with breastmilk in our own bed, at home, next room to the bathroom in which they were born. 5 years ago. And now they pretend to be Darth Vader... HOw can that not blow my mind? 

And now I think I´ve got to make them dinner, and take them to bed, afterwards. We´re having guests tomorrow, and there´s still some cleaning to do... and I´d love to go back to my book, as well. 
Music for today: 
Judging by the number of views this video has, everyone of you has seen it yet. Doesn´t matter, it´s still awesome. Go enjoy yourselves :)

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