Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today I met with a friend to make cookies.

As often as I´m baking, I think it´s actually been years since I last met with another friend, to bake together, and hey, it was fun! Though, of course, it wasn´t just me and my friend, but these sweethearts, too:
The reason we were baking is to collect money, to build a new bike- and walking trail for our town. My friend is a lot more involved than I am, but when it comes to decorating cookies, hey, here I am!
 So, these babies are going to be nicely wrapped and sold against donations.

It´s not like these are the only things I´m baking today - in fact, it´s Ronnie´s birthday tomorrow, so I´ll have to make a rainbow cake for her to take to school. For her party here at home, she doesn´t want a cake - she wants a watermelon. Which I think is a lot nicer than cake, too. Why didn´t I ever think of that?

So now, I´ve got to go. Miro wants to go shopping (he LOVES shopping at the moment!), and he´s allready been angry with me for first wanting to hover the floor instead of taking him to the grocery store, even though he was READY!
Evil Mama!

Song for today:

I might be back with a Ronnie-birthday post tomorrow - but I´m not sure. Possibly, we are getting a huge batch of guests tomorrow, a family of almost 8, so I could be quite... occupied :)


Jennifer Juniper said...

I love the idea of baking with a friend - twice the fun, right? My girlfriends are getting together to knock out all our Christmas cookies together next month. Everyone brings batter of their fave cookie and we all bake and share!

Creatrish said...

Wow your cookies look so nice, Bikes are so cute! Joyeux anniversira A ronnie! cant wait to see your rainbow cake and watermelon design , i bet it was really good! And thank u thank u for the music choice, u introced me to this duo and I love their music! xxxx