Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am in Moscow :)

And I wanted to see the Basilika in real life ever since I was a kid.
Moscow rocks!
It is quite hard to write with this cyrillic keyboard, but I just wanted to let you all know that it is pretty fine here! I kissed my kids goodbye yesterday morning, left them in the care of their grandparents for this one week, and joined my husband on his business trip to Moscow. Oh, and business trips are so glamourous! I feel like the first lady, though not dressed up enough, but we are staying in a hotel like I never stayed in before, one where uniformed men hold the door open for you and you get served chocolate fondue for breakfast.
So today, Tim is working, and I am checking out Moscow. I am typing this in a small internetcafe under the Red Square, so let s make this quick:
Today I walked all over Moscow. I visited at least ten beautiful, mindblowing orthodox churches. In a little one, I even had a nice chat with the priest there, who talked to me in russian for half an hour, and I didn t understand the slightest bit, but he was very enthusiastic, and he gave me a little icon as a goodbypresent. I watched streetmusicians, street painters, visited a fair for toys and several bookstores, metro stations, the science museum, took heaps of pictures and felt blown awaz by the colors here. Oh, the the Moscovian people pull off bright and colourfull like no other nation I came across yet. And it is loud here, loud and busy and very metropolitan. I wish the connection was faster, so I could upload more pics, but you ll get them, later. When we re home.
We will stay in this luxoury hotel for one more night, and then we are going to meet Masha and Max, with their little daughter Eva - fellow couchsurfers, who kindly agreed to host us. Oh, I am excited! We ll be home on Monday.
So, see you all soon!

Oh, and... I got a little souvenier today, to start a tradition I wish I would have started earlier:
No music for today, since I am running out of internet time. And Moscow waits!