Sunday, August 21, 2011

Awesomeness is...

...having the kids clean the floor Pippi-Longstocking-style,
 ...having Haley from California over for a weekend and making fizzy bathbombs together with her.
...Mehmet wearing Tim´s hat.
...finally getting my second book delivered!
...breakfast with Pjotr, Marek and Dagmara, with whom I could finally speak some words of Polish again and who had wonderful clover cigarettes, not to mention interesting vodka...
...making little fork Pom-Poms with my girls.
 Swimming in a river, stream upwards.
 Getting some nice tan while exchanging the details of our different political systems with Haley.
 ...decorating a wall in our house in less than 15 minutes with some self adhesive ribbons and a sharpie...

...putting paint into my children´s hands.
Having people as amazing as Duncan and Jia jia in our house, who lived and travelled all over the world, speak tons of languages and play tons of instruments and...
...let Ronja and me (and all others of us, as well!) ride on their motorbike.

Awesomeness also is to return to blogging world. I´ve missed this, I like thinking in blogposts, and those past 10 days have been far too much fun not to be shared here.

Haley, our Californian guest, gave me a mixtape as a gift. Just so you know, mixtapes are the very best present anybody could ever give me :)
And I completely fell for this song.

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Creatrish said...

Wow you ve done lots! i m glad you re back,I think your post are a breath of fresh air! Swimming in river look awesome! love stickers wall and chairs!