Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pins to real life

Okay, here are some things I tried so far:
Pinterest version:
Looks awesome, right?
Mine we´ren´t that bad, in fact I only managed to take a picture of...
Okay, so my experience with this is:
It´s a good idea to clogg the drainage holes in the bottom with marzipan or fondant, so the batter doesn´t spill, and as you can´t peel off the pots like a paper wrapper, it´s better to eat them with a spoon. But they look stunning, sorry I forgot to take a pic!

Next pin:
And here´s our version:
We didn´t have craft sticks, just popsicle sticks. My boys did them all by themselves and fly them through their rooms at this very moment.

Next pin:
See, I hardly ever wear nailpolish. But I do remember happy paper marbeling in my childhood, and just last week, I bought lot´s of different nailpolish colors for Eva´s birthday party. So...

not that bad... but wait...
Dontcha think I totally nailed it? :)
I think I a) worked too slow, so the nailpolish could harden on the water surface, and b) wasn´t cautious enough with taping my fingers. But hey, I felt so ridicoulous taping my fingers with scotch tape...

So, music?

Anyone else in love with Nataly Dawn?


Creatrish said...

"Pin real life" is such a good idea! I have some stuff myself to show! i ll post it tomorrow! I was going to try the nail polish but i m so sure now LOL! I love the little cupcake pot! and your boys plane are awesome! xxx

Dee said...

brilliant! i am so inspired.
thanks for joining in :)