Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I just found Pinterest last week. It is stealing time. But it also is enhancing my meal scedule, and I´ve got projects to do and projects begun galore now. 
So for the moment, let me just share our breakfast table lava lamp:
It´s surprisingly simple and effective - all you need is oil, water, food coloring and something sparkly. We took magnesium tablets, Laura over at Come together kids, where I found this idea, took Alka Seltzer tablets.

So you pour oil and water into the bottle, and while it seperates, let your kids figure out why it sepearates.
So beautiful!

Now the foodcoloring....
And when everything settled down and got tinted, it´s time for the magic: 

Cool, huh? 
It´s summer break, sweeties! Might not feel like it, weather-wise, but still - oh, how I love to sleep long in the morning, have breakfast at 11 with all my kids around the table, have time for... I´ll show you later :)
Some summer music: 

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That is very impressive!