Thursday, June 2, 2011

Au revoir, mes amis!

In 4 hours, we´ll board our train to Paris.
Yeah, I know I´ve mentioned that. But what the heck, I´m so excited, there´s no need to keep it in :)
My camera is fully charged, the girls both had an extra long practice session at their instruments (since we won´t be taking the harp and the violin to Paris), and we´ve walked our planned route on google maps about a thousand times. And I think I even got a passport, this time ;)

Ronja just asked me if she was allowed to go to Paris barefoot, and leave her shoes at home.
To which a certain mom, that did a whole four week vacation in Finland completely barefoot,that walked all over London barefoot once and that spend one year in school without shoes replied, NO WAY!
Ah, the times are a changing ;)

You´ll get a nice craft post on Saturday, if all goes well. I´ve written it in advance, two days ago, let´s see if this automatic publishing works :)
And I´ll be back next week, to posh around with all my photos, and bore you forever.

Never watched this movie. But I´m on a Yann Tiersen trip at the moment, and this song sounds... PARIS!

Hugs to all of you,


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