Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I´m doing at the moment...

...in no particular order:

-Doing laundry. We came back from our class trip on Friday, and I´m leaving for Paris in two days, so there´s a lot to wash and clean. Originally, I had planned to spend the weekend being the flylady (one load a day...), but then I spontaniously decided to join my family who went to visit our former hometown for the weekend.
My little nieces from London were there, and it´s always super cute to watch our children interact, and to listen to the mix of English and German and the international language of giggles they use to communicate:
Oh, the gap in Miro´s teeth is so visible in this pic... hey, I still love it :) )
Miro and his cousin Khaya got along especially well, I think they spent a solid hour doing this:
We painted shirts,

and Eva loved being the big babysitter for all the little ones,

so I guess it was worth the price of gathering a lack of sleep (by sleeping on a thin airmatress in the basement, in a house with six kids and six adults), and gathering even more piles of laundry :)

I shouldn´t be writing, as I´ve got about a million other things to do, like preparing my computerlesson for tomorrow, or packing for Paris, or, well, cleaning, or sending in CV´s or doing other, useful and reasonable things, yet I wrote about four pages today, which is quite good for me, so I´m proud and happy. And right after this post, I hope to write a few more pages. That would be quite cool :)

- Cycling through the rain.
It was pouring today, and I had to change clothes three times. But I guess after such a long period of sunshine, that´s allright. And great for our garden, I s´pose.

- Making secret ink.
Eva, Ronja and I are trying to send secret letters to each other, using "secret ink".
Our first try was with potatojuice (now, that´s hard to collect!), and it looked like this, after I heated it over the stove to decode the message:
Lemon juice works fine, too, and is much easier to apply to the paper. Just so you know. In case you´d need to write secret messages yourself, one day.

Oh, and of course I´m listening to music. From the moment I get up until the moment I fall asleep. I´m that kind of person. I just discovered a new artist, too:

She´s got an extraordinairy voice, and the confidence to use it. I like that.

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Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf meinem BLog. And greetings from O'Fallon Illinois. Reading your blog I am getting homesick. I will come by often and see what you are up to?