Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fresh Paint.

So I worked a little on my blog. I had sentimental feelings about my old header and layout, but recently, I thought it looked pretty... old. At least in comparison with all the awesome, stylish blogs floating around. So I had to do something. I´m still not 100% satisfied with it yet, but I´m getting used to it. And I learned a lot of great things on the way... 

I found a clearly written and perfectly understandable tutorial on how to add custom fonts to your blog over at Kevin and Amanda

I learned how to add a background to my blog, at Desinghouse tutorial

Also, I figured out how to add clickable pictures to the sidebar of my blog, which was on my wish list for quite a while.

And I got to use the minimalist html skills I taught myself 10 years ago, so that was cool :)

Also, I hope that with the increased width of this new blogtemplate, I´m now able to show my photos in a nice, huge size, so you can appreciate my gorgeous children frolicking in the green in full beauty:
Yay! That´s what I wanted!

So this is how I´m spending my evenings while my husband is in Berlin, doing some cool business stuff, and I couldn´t come with him, because we didn´t have a babysitter for four days... sigh. And there´s a ball tonight. And I love dancing. Sigh again. 
But hey, climbing the trees is quite nice, too. And we visited the cows again, today, and the kids enjoyed babycows sucking at their fingers. And tomorrow, we´ll get a truckload of about 20 bushes and trees for our garden, because it was my husband´s birthday, and his parents like to pamper our garden. Can you say that? Pamper a garden? I´m not sure - you tell me! :)

So, there´s music, before I go to soak in my lavender tub to plot my tragic book:
Supercheesy. I like supercheesy. But you figured that so far, right? And Tyler Ward just annonced he´s coming to Germany, and he´s not only coming to one town near my hometown, but to... three! Guess who´s going to three concerts in autumn? And Eva´s coming with me for at least one :)

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Debbie said...

It looks very very pretty. Great job!