Monday, March 7, 2011

This weekend...

We met a dwarf, who had a twig instead of an arm. 

And we blinked at the first really shiny, strong and almost warm sun in months reflecting on the Wupper...

And we met two ponies.

And I spent a morning talking to my grandma about suicide. And that even though she´s a seamstress, I don´t consider her crafty enough to hang herself.

And then we went and celebrated Carnival.

Caught some candy...

...well, lots of candy, actually, and yes, also roses and weired undies.

And Eva decided she needs to learn Mandarin. At least for one night.

And this is the song I´ve been diving into the whole last week, I think:

This is also the one song I ever found that made my husband dance through the kitchen without being told to do so, while baking foccacio, as I was mixing some guacamole.
And this video, it is art, really, it is.

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