Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Couscous and sunshine

I just made some experimental Couscous that was so  - sorry - terrific that I have to share it with you. I guess it wouldn´t qualify as a proper oriental meal, because it contains bacon, but we loved it.
I found a spice mixture on the market in my husband´s hometown last weekend, it´s called Ras el Hanout.

It consists of a ton of things, like Cardamon, Ginger, Cinnamon, Curcuma, Pepper and, oh yes, Lavender. I´ll buy anything when it includes Lavender. Anyone ever heard of that spice before? Can you tell me what it´s originally used for? It says it´s typical in the marrocanian kitchen.

Well, however. Back to my Couscous, which I cooked in salt water spiced with said mixture, and then added spring onions, feta, baked apple slices, raisins, almonds and dried plums, rolled in bacon and fried. Stirred, and ready. I served it with a yogurt-orange smoothie, and it was quite fine :)

Tomorrow I´ll cook lunch in kindergarden, with the assistance of five eager 4 year olds, and I´m looking forward to that. But we´ll cook chicken tomorrow, so it´ll be compatible with all religions :)

Spring is coming, no, really, it is:
Kids debating their sweets bargains in my backyard! Without jackets! In the grass! No snow! Seriously, I´m so hungry for spring. I´m so utterly and totally desperate for the sun to finally blast again and give me some tan and make me happy and sexy. It was more than perfect yesterday, sitting in the sun, reading some gloomy Mankell (why am I doing that?) and later chatting to my friend, while it was warm!
There might be things that freak me out. Like my grandma. But there´s still sunshine and kids and delicious food, so I cling to that.
Oh, and I finally booked the Hotel in Paris for me and my girls to stay in. We´ll go in June, and it´s the same hotel I took Eva to when she was 6 weeks old. Because, you know, a six week old totally needs to see Paris.
But now they are big girls, and I´m ecstatic to show them the Louvre, and La cité des science
However. I´m rambling.
My music for today is my hero:
I think I´ve been in love with this guy since I´ve been nine years old, trying to give myself a Beatles haircut and getting spanked by my mom for cutting my own hair. Oh, I could always so totally see the rebellion factor fueling the first generation of Beatles fans :) 
I´ve seen him live twice, once when I was fourteen, accompanied by my biology teacher, and once when I was 10 weeks pregnant with Ronja. I never went to concerts when I was pregnant, being afraid I could harm those tiny developing ears. But that time... I just couldn´t resist. You can never know when again you´ll get the possibility to see a Beatle.
Tonight I saw Ronja headbanging to this song in our living room :)

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