Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life 365 - week 5

Before it get´s lost - this is my week 5. I´m not too happy with the layout, or at least not happy enough to make a template from it. I do like the bright colors, though - yet, these are not mine, but again from Pam from digitreats. They so matched my photos this week.
Apart from that, I spent the whole day sewing. I ruffeled three metres of red satin and gathered them around a crioline, and that involves a lot more physical work than I had excepted. I´m not yet ready to post the finished results, but I plan to finish all costumes for Saturday - so you´ll get to see something until then.
And now I´m off to the teacher´s conference, leaving the twins in the professional supervision of their sisters (and, ahem, shame on me - Bob the builder) for an hour, because my husband is doing some work for his green party again. It´s a good thing the school is five minutes away from our home.
I´m still listening to Justin Robinette and partners (the guys with the keyboard I discovered yesterday).
This song is sweet and warm and cozy:

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