Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It´s spring!

At least, I think it is. Ok, I´m still having a cold and go through a truckload of paperhandkerchieves each day. Oh, and Miro was sick last night. Twice. But apart from that? Life is awesome. The sun finally came out. It´s so warm my girls went out in T-Shirts today, and yesterday. See that sun?
It´s so much much better that way! Not that I could smell the air with my clogged up nose, but it feels perfect. It makes random people on the street smile at each other. And whistle their favourite songs. It makes it so much easier to run my daily errands with my bike. It makes even the grumpy old man at the dry cleaner friendly enough to show his magic cleaning mashine to my twins. Oh, and streetmusicians pop up again:
This guy is our local favourite, but he dissappeared during winter. Today was the first day we met him again. My twins love him. They would raide my whole purse to donate it to him. He always takes the time to explain them his instrument, even if he must have done so a hundred times before. And he doesn´t mind when they jump in and push some buttons while he´s in the midst of playing - he just smiles and continues. That´s because he´s quite good, too. He makes our smalltown appear like Paris. He even made Miro dance. Yep, the one who was sick the night before. Had to jump out of the bike trailer and dance :) Now, that´s spring, right?

Oh, and my fabric arrived, and soon I´ll show you what I did with it:
I  love the vibrant red. Doesn´t it just scream Queen of Hearts?

I thought I´d find lots of time to sew at the weekend, but then we  just had three extra kids over, Tim had a fiever, and I babysat my friend´s youngest son: 
Who wasn´t happy with being stuck with us. He had never been without his mom before, and when she was out of the door, he started screaming. For, well, the next 5 hours. We tried to distract him with all we had. He was quiet when we played songs for him on the guitar and sang along. But as soon as we stopped, he´d start to cry again. So I finally did my old magic with my sling. Or, Ronja´s sling. Took him for a walk outside and made him fall asleep. After three years, it´s amazing how much I enjoy babywearing. It´s amazing how some things never change: 
This was in 2007, with Mehmet. Apart from my terrible hair and skin, not much changed, right? Well, maybe the baby is cuter. Because it´s mine :)
But I´m getting off topic. I wanted to write about how awesome spring is. What have babies got to do with spring, after all? 
It´s hard to decide what my favourite song is today. I like so many songs at the moment. I wish I could listen to all of them simultaniously. Here is one I like a lot right now: 
I did like the airplane song before. Not that I ever heard the original, but I listened a lot to Tyler Ward´s cover. But this one, and I never thought I´d say it, is better. I love the clapping people in the background and when the song explodes. I also fell in love with Vienna Teng´s music, and this song is just haunting:

And then, I always come back to listening to Sam Tsui, who can sell me everything. Everything, even High School musical:

Wow. Three songs of the day. I never did that before. But I just couldn´t resist. Must be spring :)

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Verena said...

I hope you and your family are feeling much better now! We´ve been sick for a few weeks now. So , I know how you feel!
Oh how I would love to have spring, too. Here it was foggy all morning and now finally the sun starts to come out...
Have a happy day!

PS: The photos of you and the babies are so cute! Don´t you just love little babies...