Sunday, October 24, 2010

This week´s smiles collection

This was one sweet and shiny week, full of smiles, and I think I should better write them down, because I tend to forget such precious little things. Like, watching my boys play on the kitchen table, and listen to the cute stories they develop while playing, and the way they make the train talk.
I really had to smile the other day when they got lollipops, and were licking them, in the grocery store, making it a challenge how long they´d manage not to bite on them. They were boldly exclaiming "Look, mine is smaller!" "But, mom, mine really is the smallest!", and all the old ladies in the store were chuckling :)

Watching Ronja draw on her grandparents´ doorwindow (is that a word?) and being really cute also made me smile,
or the pride we all felt when Mehmet tried to write his first word, all by himself:  
Eva sat next to him and helped him form the phonemes, and when he wrote what they interpret as "Opa", Eva was so proud you could think Mehmet was her own firstborn child :)

Speaking of Eva, she also made me smile this week when I was listening to Alanis Morissette, and she honestly asked me "Mom, since when are you listening to Miley Cyrus?" ----- um.... seriously... my daughter is mistaking ALANIS for... well... that made me feel old and start to ramble on about how ultimatly amazing Alanis Morissette is :)

With fall break here and all kids being home all day long, free from all sceduled dates, we found the time to spend each afternoon working on something else at our kitchen table, and that made me smile, too. Finished projects are so satisfying.
So we continued working on that bath-fizzie, lipgloss and soap project, and for a day, our house smelled like lavender and peppermint, cocoa butter and natron, until...
we made it smell like chocolate and macadamia nuts and cinammon the day after...
and like beeswax the day after that, and we even got to finish the swingset we began to build to weeks ago:
Though I must admit that wasn´t really my work, except for keeping the children out of the way and taking pictures and feeding men. That makes me smile, too.

It makes me smile that fall is in full color, even I usually hate when it´s getting darker and colder, but right now, it just feels beautiful...
even though I lack the basic photographic skills to capture it...
It made me smile cuddling on the sofa when all the kids were asleep, watching Simpsons with my husband or analyzing the new Potter TV-spots that pop up all over the internet, and then picking the norwegian version from the shelf and giggling while reading it.

Seems like I compensate posting less with posting longer. 

Musically, I´d like to leave you with some Taylor Swift song. You know, Eva is the world´s biggest Taylor Swift fan, and we spent a lot of time this week getting our hands on scraps and glimpses from her new album, translating the lyrics and trying to play them on guitar and violin, but whatever youtube video I could post here, youtube takes them down within minutes, and the album will only officially be released tomorrow, so...

...I go for education instead:
This. is not. Miley Cyrus. But if I had to assemble a soundtrack of my life, it would probably include the whole Jagged Little Pill album :)


nils said...

Glad you found so many things to smile about :-)

HelenClyde said...

What about you?

nils said...

some smiles, some tears... the usual
hope your are doing fine!

HelenClyde said...

I´m fine. I´m a pro at being fine :)

I´m sorry I´m not there more often to help you with "the usual". Seems like I´m not a pro at that.