Friday, September 3, 2010

Can you take the clouds away?

Yesterday Miro asked me "Mom, can you take the clouds away?"
Me: "Why?"
Miro: "`Cause they look like rain. They are stupid. Can you? Take them away?"
Me: "Well, no. They are to high for me to reach."
Miro: "But could Thomas take them away?" (Thomas is his godfather, who is 2 metre tall and his hero.)
Me: "No, he couldn´t, either. They are too far up in the sky."
Miro: "But if you had a plane, you could take them away?"
At this point, Ronja decided to join our conversation. "Hey, clouds are cool! Did you know that with a plane you can even fly through clouds? They are not as solid as they look! And you can see them from above!"

And with this, Ronja involved her brother in a long talk about planes and how often she was on one and about the awesome food she ate there, and easily took the clouds away for her little brother :)

I still remember when she was about three years old and used to tell us epical stories about the pipelines in her stomach to store music and thoughts in.

Oh, and we also have a sun in our living room:This was five minutes ago, when Tim and I decided to explain to our girls why it´s possible that there is day on the one half on the earth, while it´s night on the other half.

Originally I planned to do a long post on needlefelting today, which we did quite a lot this week. But I woke up today with a headache and felt tired and worn all day long, so the day was pretty cloudy for myself, as well. Did I mention I love summer? Did I mention how much I loath fall? So, on this note, let´s just end on this song:

If there´s a light in everybody, send out your ray of sunshine!

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