Tuesday, August 31, 2010


...this is one of those boring "what happened in my life" posts. I mean, no fancy template download, no tutorial, not even a recipe. Seems like I begin to enjoy using this blog as my public, private diary.
So, on Sunday I visited our local fabric fair. I love the fabric fair, for reasons such as this: or this:
You can get all sorts of fabric, buttons, zippers, ribbons for a lot cheaper than usual, and you can touch them all and discuss with all those fellow soulsisters you meet there. It´s three times a year, and always a fixed date for me. I bought this: The black one is supposed to magically turn into two skirts, one for Eva, one for me. The light blue cord is going to be a dress for Ronja, I think I´ll start with this one, Ronnie´s growing so fast at the moment.
So, school began. My girls are the big ones now, they began their fourth (Eva) and second (Ronja) year. I spent my morning brewing about 50 litres of coffee and pouring cups for four hours, to welcome the new parents. We really liked the ancient, gigantic coffee brewer, and had to stand around it, marvelling and inhaling the smell: I guess some things are better live than 3x5.
Now my girls are at their weekly scouts meeting, while my boys are playing upstairs, my husband´s in Berlin and two washloads are waiting for me as I´m typing this.

Actually, my music for today is this song, a song by "our Ingrid" I hadn´t known yet, which absolutely tears me up with its sweetness. And shatters all my prejuduces about the electrical organ.

But I´d also like to share the new Pomplamoose song, a collab with Nick Hornby, and those first words about family costing him his one shot at immortality had me smiling in an instant: Mortality is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

...true... death is a way out!

HelenClyde said...

I think of death as our natural, predefined end that has been pushed way too far our of our minds, and out of our society. I like to embrace death, because it´s a thing I can´t change anyway, so I better think of it in a positive way and get used to the thought of it, to be prepared, as I would do for a journey. Immortality is, in my opinion, an illusion that grew out of typical human hybris, and way overrated. And it sounds boring, too.
Though, I guess family is, if there is one, the only way to immortality, in this sense the Hornby statement is pretty funny.

Anika Sweetfaced Style said...


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