Thursday, August 12, 2010


The boys are kindergardeners now. Mehmet and Miro are having their first, complete week in kindergarden, and apparently, it´s pretty tiresome.
Every morning, Miro throws a fit as if I wanted to give him away for adoption, and when we arrive home, he instantly falls asleep. But Mehmet behaves as the sweetest little angel. I guess in two weeks they´ll just turn this around...
But apart from this, it´s quite nice having them out of the house for three short hours in the morning. The girls and I spend the time to sleep out, and read for hours. Right now we´re reading the Nomes, by Terry Pratchett, and this is one of the best books I know, really. Deeply philosophical, and it offers great possibilities for long, intense talks. Or the girls take their time helping me to prepare lunch, which turns the house into a warzone and takes hours, but actually is quite fun - see Eva wearing swimmglasses, to be safe from the vicous onion juice?
And we work with felt, of course. This is Severus Snape, made by Ronja. And in case I retrieve my camera card, I might show you the little Ronald Weasley I made. You know, the Weasleys are my favourite characters of the Potter series - I mean, they are all amazingly colorfull and brilliantly written, but the Weasleys... well, it feels like we know them personally.
Mehmet fell down our neighbours stairs yesterday, did I mention that? I wonder how he managed to get two symetrical cuts, so he now looks like he met with a huge stapler. Besides, our neighbours stairs are probably the safest stairs you can find in our street. I mean, if he fell down our improvised construction, that wouldn´t have been a surprise... but hey, the art of falling.
So now my girls are claiming their bedtime story. I leave you with one of my very, very favourite songs in a version I recorded myself:I recorded this in may, when Steffie and I went to see Ingrid live. And she was perfect. I mean, two days later I went to PinkPop and saw dozens of brilliant artists, but Ingrid... sort of owned them all. This was during the encore, maybe the third or fourth extra song she played, and the only one I recorded, because it´s special to me. Tim and I had long debates about the meaning of the lyrics, so... I just love it. And after Nick Redmond posted this awesome tutorial on how to play it I spent... well... 10? 15? hours practising it. If I´m really mad, I might post a video of that. I mean,of me playing that. Maybe. Not sure about that, though. So, the girls are starting to scream. Off I go :-)

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