Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do you...

...include those buttons in your sidebar? I know some come with a code, and some come simply with their url. I know when I copy the code and insert it here:
It works quite fine. But it doesn´t work when I put this in my sidebar, or I guess I just haven´t found the right way yet. I´d like to use both buttons that lead to other pages and buttons I designed myself that lead to my own pages. I know some html, but only basics, and there must be an easy way, right? And I thought, hey, most of you girls out there are really good at writing tutorials, so I just dared asking this question that´s sort of outing me as a real... well... what´s the opposite of geek?Or maybe you just know a link to a clever tutorial that once helped you.

And I have music. Of course I do. Come on, friends of poetry (and I believe that songlyrics are just our contemporary form of poetry), come help me analize this gem: So? Doesn´t it blow you away? Maybe it´s simply unecessary to analize this. Feeling the images she creates alone is mesmerizing enough :-)

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