Thursday, July 15, 2010

Printing shirts

Yesterday, I bought a bunch of white undershirts for 2 Euros each, and a pack of T-Shirt print paper for 5 Euros, and we had a nice afternoon designing fashion :-) It´s quite simple, and lots of fun, so if you haven´t tried, just dare to. I let the big girls photoshop their own design, using those old digiscrap kits I collected on my harddrive:Yeah, our living room´s pretty messy... well. There are plenty of scrapkits on the web, so you can play around for hours if you want to. Mehmet and Miro chose elephant pics from google, and I let them type in their names, to make it nice and educational.
For white shirts, you need to mirror your finished design, for black ones you needn´t, because the transfer process is different - well, best check the printing instructions. We printed our desings on these:Then cut them,placed them on your shirts and ironed them on. Easy peasy. The girls ironed themselves, the boys were proud when they were allowed to peel off the paper and could admire their brand new elephant shirts. And as it was cinema night yesterday, I made myself these two beauties: The "Imprinted" design is from All things thrifty, and Expecto Patronum is written in the free font "Parry hotter", you get it here. I´m pretending this qualifies as a tutorial and link this to:

My music for today is this one:I´ve been following the music of Dustin Prinz for a while now, and I believe he´s exceptional. And the part that starts around 2 minutes into the song - if the book I wrote ever became a movie, I´d want this to be on the soundtrack :-)

Tomorrow, we´re heading off to Münster, meeting two friends we now know for about 15 years, which means half of our lives, and I´m really looking forward to this. They´ll bring their kids and partners, and we´ll meet them on Saturday, three o´clock, at the big sandbox in the city, just across the bookstore. If you happen to be a friend of us living in Münster, too, you might just want to join the party?

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