Thursday, July 22, 2010

Off to... ENGLAND!

Oh how I love the United Kingdom, and every once in a while I can convince my husband we really need to spend our money on a trip across the channel. Yesterday was such a once in a while, so we just booked our ferry, asked his brother if we can camp in his garden in London, borrowed his parents car, and in two days, we´re off! Yay! I wasn´t expecting any holiday this year, as we just bought our house, but apparently, it isn´t as expensive as we thought it would be, and what the heck, we always plan quite tightly knit. I´m going to England, I´m going to England, dumpty dumpty dum!

Yeah, I know I sound demented. But I just freaking love it, it´s so spontanious, it might end in a catastrophe, with all kids crammed into the car for hours, but we just jump right into it - this is how I love my life! I´ll post pictures, promised. And now I have to go look for my childrens passports, and pack our suitcases, and plan games for the long hours in the car, and... wow! This is just too cool!

But what´s a blogpost without a photo?So that´s the friend I visited last weekend, and her son, who´s actually named after my husband, no, really, and I can´t stop laughing about that. As she probably still can´t stop laughing about the fact that Tim and I ended up having four children before being 26, well, I guess that´s fair :-)
She took this one off me and Ronni, having fun at the CSD:

My music for today is something I probably allready posted last year. But some of you might still not know it. And it´s just too magical, so... here we go: This piece never fails to touch me, in whatever version. Don´t know why.
See you next week,

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