Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Felting like a maniac :-)

So this is my second pair of cuffs, or fingerless gloves, or... I don´t know. Actually, I´m only posting this pic to show off how absolutely gorgeous they turned out. Wanna see how I made them? Click here for the tutorial on wetfelting the cuffs, and here for the tutorial on needlefelting the pattern. But I´m really in need of a proper word for them. How do you call them? I wouldn´t mind you leaving a suggestion in the comments :-)
While I´m felting, my kids are too, of course. Ronja made these... dishes, she actually calls them: Can you see the little flocks of soap in the fibre? Sure you can :-) Eva made lots of dreads for a hairband, it´s not finished yet, but in case it will be, I´ll show it to you. The neighbourhood girls came over, and the other day, my friend came over, felting is such a communicative, messi activity, I love it! Sun shining through our kitchen window, everyone getting wet and not minding at all, loud music playing all the time and everyone singing along... hmm, this is life at its best.
My sweet music for today is both music and art:Watch her dance in the colorfull light, really. So beautiful. This song contains piano, a melodic female voice, lyrics containing the word "gravity" like my other three favourite songs, and to top it all off a stunningly gorgeous video. Ahhhh...

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