Monday, May 17, 2010

I love long weekends :-)

We just had a fine, long weekend containing everything you need in a happy life.
It started out with my little brother visiting us on Thursday...
He´s goofing around with Eva here, he can´t play any instruments at all, but he´s a brilliant entertainer for my children. They were all over him all day. It helps that with his 25 years, he´s still a child himself :-)
I found this awesume treasure boy on the waste while picking up my girls from school: The man who threw it away told me it had belonged to his great grandma, so I suppose it´s more than a hundred years old. We allready started sanding it:
And I´d love to paint it in a light blue, line the inside with a nice fabric and draw some flowers and leaves on it, so it will be the most beautifull toybox on the planet for Eva.
Then we visited a cute, ancient park and rode on a watercarousell from 1912, my grandma allready had fun here when she was little, as now are Ronja and Mehmet:
Best of all, it made all kids so tired that Tim and I had an evening all for ourselves :-)
And then we also finally managed to build the garden shed:
Drill, baby, drill :-)
I finally overcame my fear of "men-tools" and really enjoyed the work, so, I guess there´s lot´s to come :-)
My music for this week ist this song: It´s not exactly catchy, and it doesn´t really sound like summer, but I love the silent, capturing atmosphere in there and somehow I keep coming back to it. Oh, and it has a cello in it, so I guess that does it for me :-)


Veelana said...

Ah yes, long weekends...
I had to overcome my fear of man tool a while ago, my husband is so bad at anything that involves tools and someone has to do the necessary things...
BTW - I love the name of your daughter!


joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Stephanie said...

Most of the power tools in our house are mine. :) My sander, my drill, my staple gun...
I love the box! I would be ecstatic to find it!