Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who says...

Ok, I´m way behind with my Life 365 - 2 and a half week, actually - but all I´m apparently doing is knitting, going to the playground, reading Harry Potter to my girls (several hours a day :-) ) and painting the walls.

But I still wanted to show you something: Yesterday John Mayer put his new relased single on Youtube, and I´m so in love with it! It was like Christmas, checking my subscriptions and finding this:

Ok, the lyrics are a bit... well... but I wouldn´t mind him singing stupid comercials as long as he sings with THIS voice, and I don´t mind him getting stoned as much as he wants as long as he still comes up with music like this :-)
And then he also anounced he´s teaming up with Taylor Swift for a song, so, this is, uhm, like Christmas and a New Moon preview together. Couldn´t get any better.

I´ll be back with some creative outbursts as soon as I´ve had some ;-)

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