Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some recent scraps, and I can´t wait until New Moon comes out...

I suddenly realized it´s not far till my daughters birthday on november 25th, so I figured I´d better do some other scrappin´than my project 365 if I want to get her anual scrapbook finished on time. So I did some speedscrapping, and I just wanted to show you what I came up with:

That´s her first day in school, all those cool frames come from the Sweet Shoppe,and the school stuff embellishments come from a really old kit from Miss Vivi, you find a link to her on the left, she´s among my favourite designers and I think she was the first designer who really caught my eye, almost three years ago now.
Then page two of the same event:
Same frames, and the very cool book, one of my favourite free objects I ever downloaded, it´s calles CRD Vanilla Hush February journal, but it´s been for so long in my stock that I can´t figure out who the designer was, sorry. Fonts are "Be Safe" and "Complete in him", and the title reads "Pride and Joy", because that´s how Ronja looked the whole day - like being filled with pride and joy.
And then I finally scrapped the pics from the wedding:

Background paper is Ellies Jacob kit again, the rest is from the free Cherry Mokka kit from
Next time I´ll show you the cool wallart project we´re working on at the moment :-)
But I would never leave you without some music: This is a fanmade trailer for new moon, and although I usually don´t like fantrailers - I´m more for the real thing - I loved this one. I think the music fits perfecty, I hadn´t heard of this song before, and I´m now listening to it all day long while doing my chores. And I love the scene where Jake embraces Bella, it looks so warm and cosy I wish I was part of that. Oh, and the kissing scene at the end... can´t November come faster??? (But then I wouldn´t be able to finish Ronjas book... but well...)

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