Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Those are the pumpkins Ronja and I carved - she´s really proud she cut out that small mouth, because that way the wind can´t blow out the candle :-) I´m working on a nice 365 template for this Halloween week, but I haven´t finished it yet. That´s because I started another project: I´m building a Hogwarts Castle for Ronjas Birthday, sort of a doll house she can play with her tiny Potter action figures in. Yesterday I made these, and I´m so proud that I´m almost falling off my chair ;-)
Cool, eh? I made them from self drying soft clay, and this material is awesome to work with, much softer than polymer clay and when you attach things with water, it sticks really well. These two beauties are, however, for the Gryffindor common room, I´m planning three rooms, a dormitory and a classroom, too. This is the basis for the house: (Ordinary boxes from the DIYstore...) I´d like to attach some towers and collumns, paint it gray from the outside and add a stone effect... Well, I´m bursting with ideas. I´ll keep you informed about my progress :-)

Music for today: Actually, I´m still listening to John Mayers Heartbreak Warfare nonstop, but I think I´ve allready told you I sort of like him, right? So I´ll leave you with a song that´s one of my favourite Halloween tunes, well, I admit it´s much more than that, but I like it at Halloween:

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MIchelle said...

Oh my gosh!!!! What a great idea!!!! I got my daughter a doll house for her birthday too, I am going to use your idea for furniture!!!! Thanks!!!!