Monday, October 26, 2009

The final countdown - only ten more to go!

Yeah, that´s true, only ten more layouts, ladies, and we finished our project! Best documented year of history this will be - I sometimes wonder if one day some future historicians will find an amount of books, all filled with completely trivial photos from women all over the world, documenting their 2009. So cool we were part of that, eh?
However, here´s my new layout:That´s Moriginals new template. I love her stuff, her templates are always so thoroughly designed, I think if she´d released a template every week, I´d never felt the need to design any on my own. Oh, and Ellie Lash´s papers, again, not that that´s something new :-)
Jody, you asked what template I was using for week 41? I made it myself, but I didn´t release it, because I was basically playing around with one shape from my Photoimpact software, and I thought I might not be allowed to release that, as I didn´t create it myself. But it was included in the software, and maybe you´ve got something similar in the program you´re using, so you could scraplift?

My Music for today is this jewel I found today:
Two masters together, so beautiful.


Jody said...

Unfortunately I use a Mac and PhotoImpact is not available for the Mac. It was the unusual shape that drew my eyes to the layout. I will have to see if I can find something like it somewhere.

I can't understand why you couldn't use the shape and make a template - people use shapes from other programs all the time. Not that I am an authority on this, just my opinion. LOL

Thanks for the info

Blanulak said...

I love your templates...

I would like to give you some inspiration with my life 365 project but I do not want to write it here. I can sent you it by an email.

If you want to see it, write me to this adress:

blanulak at