Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 22, and... did you see it?

Did you check out Steph Meyers Website? The New Moon trailer is out! Wooo-hooo! If you haven´t seen it yet, here it is:
Ahhh... though I think the wolf´s a bit skinny, but that´s ok for me. I´m not really critical when it comes to twilight :-)

And I just finished this weeks layout, using Moriginals template that just came out. Did I mention that I love her templates? I really do, I think I used each of them, and the weeks she missed, I had to make some by myself, and I´m really not as good as she is. But well,
here is my last week:

Paper is, as every week, from Ellie Lashs Jacob Minikit.

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