Friday, March 3, 2017

The first days in Singapore

So, on Wednesday afternoon we began our journey to Singapore - me, and the M´s. 

Tim had been there a few days earlier, and we skyped and wrote a lot, and I was excited seeing both him and Singapore alike. My two ladies gave me a gentle good bye, which made me happy and sad at the same time. I feel sorry they can´t come with us, although I know they´ll be in many good hands. And I liked how we seemed to bond more in the days before, when we knew we wouldn´t been seing each other for a while. It seemed like all three of us were our nicer selves. 

 I felt happy during the flight, and I like everything. I didn´t mind the crying babies, on the contrary - they made me appreciate how grown up and quiet my sons are :)

And I loved how they both fell asleep on my lap, and how sweet and cuddly they were. 

The flight took 12 hours, plus the two hour journey to the airport and one our from the airport to our appartement, and it was exhausting, but not as much as I´d feared - due to the time difference it was already evening in Singapore when we arrived, so it was okay to go to bed and finally stretch out - after a walk to get to know the area a little, of course.

So our neighbourhood (and pretty much all of Singapore) has a lot of amazing, huge, futuristic architecture, which makes you marvel at how many people are actually living here. Wow. Just wow!

The air is - at least to me - beautifully warm. I do love the heat, and when I left Germany, we had temperatures around the freezing point, and sheets of icy rain, so I greeted the warmth with open arms!

It does rain here, and a lot, too, but the rain is warm, and refreshing. I went swimming in the pool on the sixth storey of our building during the rain, and I adored seing the droplets of water resting a little on the surface before dissolving. So, so gorgeous!

Everytime I visited that pool so far, I was the only person in there. Really. Of all the many residents there, I seem to be the only one using it - and I got there often, and swim a lot. 

However... we walked around the premises, where we ha our first encounter with a Food Court. Yeah, I love food courts. And I´m sure I´ll write another, extended post about food in Singapore.

There´s a stall where you can get freshly made juice, in a mutitude of interesting flavours - rose petals and water chestnut and dragonfruit and bitter gourd and wheatgrass - and I´ve got a tough time deciding what to try first. Good thing is, we´ll be here so long I can try them all :)

And then we went to bed - did you ever see a "Pillow Menu" before? 

That´s one thing I found unusual :) The whole appartement is very nice, clean and luxurios, but not over the top or trashy, but in a well thougth-through, minimalist way. I love it. Every storage space here tucks away neatly, every surface is streamlined.

That´s the boys, working for school - we left Germany under the premises we´d be doing at least some work for school, and that´s okay. We spend around two hours every morning either working on their workbooks or writing about our experiences. We can hear birds outside, and they sound completely different to the birds in Europe.

So we´ve arrived. And yep, we did see a little more than our appartement so far, but that´s for the next post. Right now, I´m closing this computer, and we´ll see what we´ll discover today. 

See y´all. It´s nice to be back here.