Monday, August 8, 2011


Last night, I finished my second book.
Now, approximately five minutes ago, I gave it to print. 3 copies. One for me, and one for each of my readers. Now, don´t you think I only have two readers. It´s at least 5! :) But this baby, it is 940 pages heavy, so it cost quite a lot to print it, and I guess my readers just have to share.

But what´s money, when it comes to my baby.

It is the second part of the saga I began in 2009, and while the first part was highly personal, I sort of managed to distance myself from my protagonists, well, a little. Each of them is me, and each of them is someone else, and that is one reason why writing this saga is so utterly fascinating. And if I know you, there´s a good chance I heard your voice in my head while writing.

I began this part in April, 2010. In some weeks, I wrote and wrote and wrote, frantically. I wrote until I was too tired to get up, and until I got a migraine. I wrote until I felt drunk. I can´t write during the day, because it´s always loud and crowded here, so I write late at night, preferably when my husband went to bed, or in the morning hours, while the kids are at school. That is, in those cases I´m not at school myself, too. In some months, I didn´t write the slightest bit, because my mind was occupied elsewhere.

And this book doesn´t end it. It´s just a bridge, between the beginning and the end. I have a pretty nice outline of number three, the last one, in my mind, but I´m giving myself a little rest for now. I guess. It´ll take two weeks until it´s printed and delivered, maybe I´ll mangae to wait until then. I can put a booksoundtrack together in these days :)

And no, I´m not selling it. Or offering it to anyone. This is just the best hobby I´ve had in my whole life.

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Creatrish said...

I ve always been an "admiratrice des ecrivains", I think its a really rare gift to be able to write a book! I m very happy for you as it must be very emotional to have it printed!