Saturday, April 3, 2010

And more easter crafts:

These little easter nests were made from Ronja, using felt and a paper cupcake shell, and a hot glue gun, of course. Did I ever mention I´m married to my hot-glue gun? Seriously, it´s my ultimate favourite tool, I should have discovered it much earlier. Well, they are really easy to make, I think you can take everything from the picture, right? Just cut some felt, glue it around the cucake shell, attach a handle and some flowers (and we also used some frome the sequins we had for the Glamour Eggs, and then fill them. These are super quick giveaways for our grandparents visiting tomorrow. See the eggs in the background drying? My kids used a candle to draw on them before putting them into the color-baths, and then they like swapping colours. Of course, some are now crackled and broken, but hey, we´ll eat them tomorrow morning, so, I guess that´s okay. And them I wanted to show you these little nests we assembled for my gran and my brother: These are washcloth bunnies, they seem to be around on the net for a while, but I only found out about them on this site. So, I think that´s it! Unless I happen to have another creative blast today, I wish you a happy, happy easter, and I leave you with the last of my three favourite fairytale songs: I´m linking this to Creative Jewish Mom, as usually whenever I came up with something slightly crafty :-) Scroll down for more easter-spring-crafts :-)

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