Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My. Book.

One year. 548 pages. It´s finally finished. And here.
I started writing it on March 12th last year, but I never dreamed I´d really have the stamina to finish it. And then it started to roll, and I began to love my characters, and took them everywhere, and really wanted it to become real.
And now it is.
I don´t think I´ll ever publish it. This is just a four-book edition for me and my friends. I admit I began writing it with the intention to become rich and famous, like Stephenie Meyer, but then I realized I don´t even want my husband to read it, not to mention everyone else, and I think it´ll stay with me. It´s like a baby I laboured on for months, and I´m not selling my baby :-)
The book´s called "Summer", so, my music for today is this:
I´d love to have this on a cello only, because it would suit my book better ;-), but David Garret does an awesome job on bringing the dramatic atmosphere of this piece to life, so this is just fine. And I listened to this a lot while writing my final showdown :-)

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TerriK said...

Oh, Helen, you wrote a book AND got a tatoo? You are my hero!!