Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 Templates in one zip!

So, this was overdue... With all the celebrations I had hardly time to scrap, but now that there´s a small break between Evas Birthday and New Years Eve and all the kids are happily playing with their new presents while my husband is tidying up the cellar (that´s his favourite passion, really!), I find some time to catch up with my life 365 project.

So here´s the page for week 50:

The golden frames and the little red sequins are from Ellie lashs Edward kit, this time.
Then the next one, for week 51:

The zip contains templates for both of those layouts and for the layout of week 49, you can scroll down, if you´d like to see it.
Here are the previews:

And here´s the Download Link
I think there´ll be at least one other template from me in the next week, because I still have a lot to scrap. Before I leave you with my favourite song of the day, I wanted to show you the pic I took, shortly after I knocked the christmas tree over:

You don´t see a thing, right? Well, you just need enough kids to place in front of the tree :-)
Here´s my daily favourite song:

This band is quite a new discovery for me. I love the first line of this song, this is one of their happy songs. I like to listen to them while writing, they are perfect to throw me into a sentimental tragical mood. And her voice is awesome!


sdwrdt said...

thank you for some awesome templates! The picture of the kids just looks like you have a mini tree behind them - not a problem.

belle007 said...

Thanks very much for the great templates.

Dana said...

I sooo love the picture of your kids! The boys look so cute with their new haircuts!

Crissie said...

I think the picture of your kids is adorable!
Thanks for the templates. Tonight I came looking to be inspired to get some more scrapping done...your layouts are great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the templates

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