Friday, October 23, 2009

Board Game Convention, and a new template, too, of course.

So, yesterday we visited the board game convention in Essen, that´s kind of a tradition now in our family - we´ve done this every october for the last 8 years, I think. We don´t buy much (because we can´t afford), but we love to try out everything. My husband and I used to play a lot before we had kids, and now, well, we are still playing, but differently :-) Here are some pics:
Eva trying out a new Haba Game
Even the boys enjoyed their first board game, they had to collect farm animals
Mehmet, concentrating really hard on building a nice tower for his marbels
And me, surronded by the fantastic four, on our way back home in the desperatly overcrowded train, Eva and Ronja already beginning to play their new game on the floor between all the people :-)
Ok, I admit all my photos came out really blurry, but I never manage to take good pictures there, because everything´s moving and the light is poor. But the event is awesome, and if you ever get the possibility to visit something similar, go! You can even try out board games from Japan, and there´s a huge hall only for role playing, and I love to try on costumes and look at all the elfes and trolls and maidens!

But now to THE PROJECT, yeah, I have again neglected cleaning the floor to scrap last weeks page, so, here it is:
In case you´re wondering what the little bottle on the friday pic contains - that´s polyjuice potion. Yep, we´re reading the Potter books. It´s worse than Twilight, I think, because the Twilightvirus is only for me, but the Pottervirus is for the Rest of the family, too. Again, I made a template from my weekly page, I´m calling it the 7 blocks template, even though it consists of 8 blocks, because I didn´t think while naming it. Math was never my thing. Click here to get it.
And finally, my music for today:
This is John Mayer and Alicia Peacock (never heard of her before), and I think it sounds a little like a happier Alanis Morrisette. As I love John Mayer, and I always loved Alanis, and I always loved the word "Bliss", and then someone nice even put this song to pictures of my fav vampires, this one was for me :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Oct. 24, 2009. Thanks again.

denise:) said...

Thanks again! Another cool template! And only 5 more days til New Moon!!!

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