Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What a week

Ok, here I am, with my layout for last week (only slightly overdue). Last week my camera broke, so there´s no picture for Monday, but well, that´s part of my year, then, too. And since Sunday I´ve been down with a nasty fever, but I´m feeling a lot better now, since I´ve taken a whole day to lie in bed. So, here´s my layout:

It´s so hard to find a new layout every week, and I promised myself not to repeat a weeks layout in this book, so, I turned it into a template for you, if you suffer from the same madness:

You can download it here

Oh, and today, I won´t leave you with a song, but with a book recommendation: I think I finally got past the "All I will ever read again is Twilight" stage and, after enjoying, Sookie Stackhouse, Deborah Crombies new book and even some good old Stephen King, I stumbled upon this one:

The Time Traveller´s wife, it is, and if you haven´t read it, do so. It is brilliantly written, and it touched me, and even my husband likes it. For me, it´s a perfect mixture of a little fantasy, lots of romance but nothing cheesy, and lots of intresting thoughts about determination, and... but well, find out for yourselves ;-)


sdwrdt said...

thank you for the template! Looking forward to using it!

Barbara said...

Thank you!

TerriK said...

Hi, Helen! I enjoyed reading the Time Traveler's Wife, but found it kind of sad overall. Thank you for all of your WONDERFUL templates. I could not get through Project 365 without them!!