Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun "Hybrid" Project :-)

I do not only love scrapping, but also sewing, and I´ve got a closet where I keep lots of fabric, new ones, but also everything that might be of use someday. About two years ago, my gran gave me an old bedsheet in a light pink. Yesterday, I gave it to my five year old daughter, and with my assistance, she made this nightgown from it:

It sure doesn´t look perfect, but most of it was done by Ronja herself, so she´s very proud, and it´s warm and cost me next to nothing. And, my fellow scrappers, do you recognize some elements you know? Here´s the motive from closer:
I just let Ronja pick what she liked most from my folders and let her put it togehther, and that was: Sun and clouds from Nikki Painters Sunny Days Freebie, Lawn from Nikki Painter, Easter Story Kit, Little Girl and Owl from Pimp your scrapbook and the other owl from Mira designs, Whoo loves fall.

You can really easily do that yourself, even if you´re not so trained in sewing, it´s a very simple project. Just fold your fabric and cut something out that looks like this:

It doesn´t have to be too tidy or exact. You need it twice, of course, and then you just sew the two pieces together. I printed the image above on textile transfere foile, so I could just iron it on. The whole procedure took Ronja and me less than two hours, though I stll might have to hem the whole thing. But it was so much fun!

So, go ahead and sew :-)

Oh, and I´ll be back tomorrow with a new template and my weekly layout, I promise :-)

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