Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who´s that?

Do you know Fimo? I think it´s polymere clay in english, but I´m not sure. My mum used to work with it a lot when I was little, but I completey forgot about it the last 15 years or so. Now a friend of mine just came up with it, so I thought I´d try it myself again. Aren´t these cute? I hope you are able to recognize them, in case you´re not, it´s Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. They are about 5cm high each, and they took me about three hours for both. I plan to make them a tiny Ronald Weasly, too, and then Edward and Bella Cullen, but I´m not sure about that.

And I won´t neglect my scrapping business :-) Be sure to be back tomorrow, when there´ll be a template here for you.


Anonymous said...

They´re really great!
I wish I was as talentet in modeling figures like you are.
I suppose I´ll stick to sowing!

Sue said...

Very cute! I like how you crossed Hermione's legs and gave her skirt some flair. Harry Potter's cape is really cool. You're talented in many areas! :)

Barb said...

Really cute! I didn't read the Potter series, but I love the Twilight saga. I can't wait to see your Fimo Edward and Bella.