Monday, February 27, 2017

So...´s been a while. Like - really a while. The last "proper" post I wrote here is from 2014, and the break was completely intentional.

I spent those last years well and filled them with all I could get into them. I hitchhiked back home from Ireland. I went back to Uni and am currently in my second semester, pursuing a bachelor´s degree. I finally, at the old age of 35, took my drivers liscense, and I love love love driving a car! I began swimming, 1000 metres every week, no matter what, and it makes me incredibly happy. I taught myself soap making and sort of opend a pop-up soap store, which is so much fun! I became a clean, tidy and organized person, believe it or not :D I quit smoking, and I became vegan. The kids grew, a lot. Both girls are young women now, and the twins will have finished primary school in a couple of months.

I´m happy, and calm, and I´m constantly working on myself. Part of this is abstaining from blogging.


We´re going on a big adventure soon - we´ll be living in Singapore for two months. And I´d like to write about it, so I will keep my memories.

I figured, this blog serves really well when it comes to keeping memories. I like reading my old posts. It´s like talking to my younger self. My pictures don´t get lost in the cloud. So when I commence blogging now, it´s mainly for myself. As a sort of diary. You are invited to read along, though. I tried facebook, in order to keep in touch with people, but I´m still not convinced. I like my own blog design a lot more, and I feel strange posting there. This here - this I´m okay with.

So. So I´m back, at least for the next two months. You´ll hear from me :)

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